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Yep, we are Scottish for Ruby. "Rubaidh" (pronounced roo-bay) is Scots Gaelic for Ruby (as in the shiny red stone). It's a terribly clever name, or would be if it was it was easier to spell. Or pronounce, for that matter. Useful traits when you rely on word of mouth for business, eh?

Rubaidh is the consulting company run by Graeme Mathieson, who's been building things in Ruby for longer than most people in Scotland.

But we're not just about Ruby, because building a business around a web service involves more than just a Ruby on Rails web app.


Application architectures evolve while the software is developed and deployed. But it's good to have an idea of the direction you're heading in.

Not drawing pretty pictures (though I can get some help with that, too). While there's a lot to be said for not doing Big, Up-Front Design with large requirements specifications and months of slaving over a UML diagram, a little bit of design goes a long way with an application architecture. It's worth thinking about these things before diving in with a particular set of technologies.

We've got depth of experience with a wide variety of web and mobile technologies, and can advise on the right high level architecture for your project.


Ah, programming. The fun bit. :-)


In which we get your application into production in a manageable, scalable, repeatable way.

Something pithy about puppets.


And then you get to scale. When your business starts to take that traditional hockey stick growth you've been dreaming of, you want to know that your app can scale to the users who are beating down your door.

Scaling is fun, and there are strategies for dealing with it at every stage of the architecture. We've scaled apps, learned the lessons and, most importantly, made sure the business thrives.

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