So long, and thanks for all the fish!

For nearly 10 years, Rubaidh (pronounced 'Roo-bay') was Scottish for Ruby on Rails. We had an awesome time building web applications for some brilliant clients. We thoroughly enjoyed building open source software, running the Scottish Ruby Conference, founding the Scottish Ruby User Group, and generally getting involved in the Ruby community. It was an altogether delightful decade!

Unfortunately, in a slightly unexpected turn of events, Graeme moved to Devon in 2015, which is nearly as far away from Scotland as it's possible to be while still on the UK mainland! He didn't feel that he could really call himself Scottish for Ruby on Rails any longer, so Rubaidh has closed its doors.

Graeme is still hard at work, though! He's got a few projects on the go right now:

  • Wossname Industries is Graeme's new consulting company. It's exploring the intersection on technology and mental health. Go check them out, and sign up to hear more!

  • A Sneak Peek at The Internet is the book that Graeme has always wished existed, so that all software developers can have a more holistic understanding of the workings of The Internet. He's given up waiting on somebody else writing it, and is (slowly) doing it himself.

  • Graeme is still doing Ruby on Rails development. In fact, he's dug out a domain we registered a while ago, and is sneakily using it to promote himself. He's gone from being Scottish for Ruby on Rails to being British for Ruby on Rails. Clever, huh?

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